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I’ve got a new website. This one is closing at the end of March. http://www.jnmoon.com check it out, it’s got book samples, animation, music and fun supernatural stuff!


About the Author:

JN Moon is a new author who has currently written three books in her first Urban Fantasy Series. She writes Paranormal Thrillers/ Urban Fantasy.

She can be found wandering in nature, reading or upside down.

Not that she thinks she’s a vampire bat, she enjoys aerial arts.

And likes hanging upside down… She’s also an aficionado air guitarist.

She lives with a myriad of animals and loves nothing better than talking to like-minded souls so get in touch.





What people are saying...

Dear JN Moon

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your book.  I use to read so much but just lost my concentration to read about 6 years ago.  Yours was the first book that I have read in all that time and it kept me gripped. I loved it.

Thank you. I think I might start reading again now. Nikki

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